Who We Are?

Our Mission

The Mission of N.Y & Tantimonique International is to provide quality products to the world wholesale, projects related and retail markets.

Our company is willing to utilize necessary resources to ensure the success of our import/export venture. Central is also committed to providing in-depth service to this market in terms of assistance in distribution, advertising, and promotion.

The overall goals are to:

  • develop long-term relationships with the Govrnement, wholesalers and resellers
  • successfully compete in the World Market

The short-term goals are to:

  • secure contracts with major Government Projects, wholesalers and retail market
  • develop prosperous business relationships with these wholesalers

The long-term goal is to, within eight years:

  • establish a strong market presence
  • obtain a market share of 3 percent
  • provide custom brokering services

The goal of Central Import/Export is to supply restaurants, gift shops, landscaping companies, and party stores with imported frozen foods and Agricultural produce. 

Extraordinary Experiences

We have extraordinary experience of over 10 years in the import and export industry. We have imported and exported our products and services to different countries of the world. We are a leader in the industry with a team of experienced management staffs and company employees. 

Our company believes in the core values and contributions of its employees , that is why we work as a TEAM and together we achieve more.

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